Looking for a venue to host your next event?  Pennsylvania Athletic Club Rowing Association is more than happy to help. With both indoor and outdoor space, Penn AC overlooks the Schuylkill River and the Philadelphia skyline on historic Boathouse Row.

Please contact the Pennsylvania Athletic Club Rowing Association (hereinafter “Penn AC” and/or “the club”) House Manager to schedule a social event at the Penn AC boathouse, #12 Boathouse Row, Philadelphia: Joe Muldowney at 215-568-6218.


The renter is required to sign the rental agreement and provide the mandatory $300 security deposit to hold the requested date. The renter is required to provide the balance in full to the club Treasurer at least 14 days before to the event.

The renter is also required to purchase a one day event policy from K & K Insurance Company for the event and provide the club with a certificate of insurance at least 14 days before the event. When purchasing this policy, the renter (1) must identify Penn AC as an additional insured party and (2) must waive any and all liability directed against Penn AC. Online purchase of the required insurance policy can be done at To contact K & K Insurance Company, the renter is directed to

All events are strictly invitation-only and the renter is required to have invited guests only at the event.

The club reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement, at its sole discretion, if any of the above requirements are deemed not met.

1- For a member hosting a social event, the rental fee is (a) $100 for events less than 10 individuals, (b) $300 for events from 11-30 people, and (c) $500 for events from 31 to the maximum (70?).

2- For a non-member hosting a social event, the rental fee is (a) $1000 for parties less than 30 individuals and (b) $2000 for parties larger than 30 people, up to a maximum of 70 individuals. For non-member events, there is an additional $100 fee to provide for a club representative to be on the premises during the event.

3- For all events, members and non-members, subject to the club’s sole discretion, the $300 security deposit shall be returned if the following conditions are met:
   - there is no physical damage to the Club;
   - the club is left in a clean condition;
   - all food and alcohol is removed from the Club; and,
   - all trash is removed from the Club at the end of the event.