Penn AC Athlete Spotlight: Stuart Maeder

by: Paul Coomes


Penn AC Athlete Spotlight:

Stuart Maeder

Stuart Maeder (Instagram)Hometown: Washington, DC

Q1: How did you discover rowing?

A: My older cousins, Joe and Dan Langley, rowed for Loyola Academy in Chicago in High School and were the initial people to tell me I should give it a try. They were my cool older cousins so I obviously listened and tried it out my freshmen year. Here we are 12 years later…

Q2: What made you want to row?

A: For me, a big part of the sport has always been the comradery. Having a group to constantly compete with and measure myself against is a really humbling and rewarding experience. Rowing has both individual aspects (erging, racing the single) and team aspects (team culture, bigger boats, training atmosphere) which together drew me in right from the beginning.

Q3: What is your favorite thing about rowing?

A: Training with the boys

Q4: Share a favorite memory.

A: Watching Chuck downshift in the Champ 4X at Canadian Henley from 2-seat

Q5: Why train at Penn AC?

A: Absolutely because of the other guys here. We have one of the biggest HP groups in the country right now and being able to race a bunch of people every day is the quickest way to get fast. Having a big group also makes it that much more fun to walk into the locker room every day.

Q6: Describe a typical training day at Penn AC.

A: Showing up to the boathouse at 6:45, off the water by 9. Rushing to work. Back to the Boathouse at 5, exhausted. Getting pumped when the music is already blaring when you show up.

Q7: Rowing background/accomplishments

A: Background/ Accomplishments:


  • Wilson High School
  • Dartmouth College
  • Sydney Rowing Club, Mendota Rowing Club
  • GZ Club in Zurich


  • 2011 US Junior National Team (4+)
  • 2015 US U23 National Team (2-)

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