Pan Am’s Blog #4: Winstead’s US Men’s 8 Eagerly Awaiting Wed. Final

by: m_wherley


Penn AC’s Erick Winstead is racing in the US Men’s 8 at the Pan Am Games in St. Catherine’s, Canada this week. Everyone at Penn AC wishes you well Erick!

Here is Erick’s latest blog:

7/14/2015 – Today began rainy and windy. The USA collected a few more medals…Silver in the Women’s 1x, Silver in the Men’s Lwt 2x and Bronze in the Women’s Lwt 2x. My 8 practiced in the late morning and we felt good coming off the water despite the rough conditions. We’re aware that tomorrow morning will likely be a strong headwind for the race so it was good to be able to practice in similar conditions.

You’d think I was mad at my keyboard, but really I’m just excited about tomorrow morning! I’m about to go do some stretching and then try to get a good night sleep.


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