Pan Am’s Blog #2: US Men’s 8 Into Wednesday Final

by: m_wherley


Penn AC’s Erick Winstead is racing in the US Men’s 8 at the Pan Am Games in St. Catherine’s, Canada this week. Everyone at Penn AC wishes you well Erick!

Here is Erick’s latest blog:

7/12/2015 – So far, the US has performed very well here in St. Catherine’s. The Women’s 2x, 2-, Lwt 2x, 1x, Lwt 1x and 4x all advanced to the A Finals. On the Men’s side, the 2x, 4-, 4x, Lwt 2x, 1x, Lwt 4- , 2- and 8+ each advanced to the A Finals. I hope I’m not missing anything there, but in any case, it looks like each US boat has advanced to the A Final!

My race this morning in the 8+ was actually pretty good. Unfortunately, you can’t look too much into the results of our Heat because it was really just a race for Lanes. A couple boats shut it down very early in the race and basically just paddled the rest of the way. US and the Canadians decided we were going to race it all-out until at least the 1k. At that point in the race, I glanced over and saw we were a seat up on the crowd-favorites. Around the 1250, the margin hadn’t changed much and our coxswain decided it would be best to rest the legs of those who still had to race later in the day. The Canadians appeared to be full-steam until the last few-hundred meters and the crowd loved it. However, we knew we had done the smart thing. It looks like it will be a good one come Wednesday morning.

The next couple days will be all about fine-tuning and resting up when we can. I’m excited; the grandstands were extremely loud today, even for races that didn’t mean much. You could hear the crowd at the finish line as we were crossing the 1500m mark. I imagine it will be even louder on Wednesday and hopefully our fans will be doing most of the cheering!


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