Head of the Potomac 2014

by: creich


The High Performance Group traveled to Washington, D.C. on September 28, 2014 to race in the 2014 Head of the Potomac.  PACRA then mixed it up with Potomac Boat Club and raced composite quads.


Mens Open 1x

Justin Keen – 2nd place 16:57

Erick Winstead 5th place 17:07


Mens Open 2x

David Judah/Chris Reich – 3rd place 16:06


Womens Open 2x

Mary Moiser/Kristin Propst – 3rd place 18:40


Mens Open 4x

Harper (PBC)/Ansolabehere (PBC)/Reich (PAC)/Keen (PAC) – 1st place 14:55

Anderson (PBC)/Futterman (PBC)/Judah (PAC)/Winstead (PAC) – 2nd place 14:56


Womens Open 4x

Schmeig (PBC)/Moiser (PAC)/Bourassa (PBC)/Propst (PAC) – 1st place 17:48


For a list of full results click HERE

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