Head of the Charles Regatta 2014

by: creich


Several members of PACRA traveled to Boston to race in the prestigious Head of the Charles Regatta.  This year marked the 5oth anniversary of HOCR and former Penn AC member, Bob Mannino, was one of the race’s co-chairs, overseeing the planning and production of such an important event.


Mens Masters 8+ [40+]

Kuehne/Mennigen/Browder/Mets/Volianitis/Robatzek/Lefebvre/Webster/Maloney -

9th place 15:47.1


Mens Championship 2x

David Judah/Chris Reich – 17th place 17:34.4


Mens Championship 1x

Justin Keen – 17th place 18:19.4

Erick Winstead – 23rd place 18:47.7


Women’s Grand Masters Single (50+)

Gabi Cipollone – 21:32.5


Men’s Senior Masters Eight (50+)

Dragseth/Kennelly/Kaehler/Kennedy/Fountain/Creighton/Henry/Rodriguez/Cipollone -

3rd 15:42.4


For a full list of results click HERE

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