2016 Henley Royal Regatta

by: creich


The Schuylkill Navy High Performance Center- made up of athletes from the boathouses on The Row- sent three boats to Henley Royal Regatta, a men’s 2x, a men’s 4x, and a women’s 4x.

Penn AC was represented in the men’s 4x and the men’s 2x. David Judah (Penn AC) and his 2x partner Nic Goode (Vesper) rowed in the Double Sculls Challenge Cup and made it through to the quarter final round.

In the men’s 4x, Justin Keen (Penn AC), J.P. Kirkegaard (Vesper), Erick Frid (Penn AC), and Lenny Futterman (Vesper) won The Prince of Wales Challenge Cup, beating Leander, the defending champions.

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